Based in east London, the dark blue matter play well-crafted, catchy songs with raw passion and energy


Song-writing and arrangements are inspired from different music and styles, songs lyrics are wide in scope and themes, sometimes dark or full of reflective angst but always with underlying humour and optimism. Played with energy and passion and the free expression of jamband improvising in the moment they offer a brand new and modern take on the blues/rock sound.


With a unique blend of power, emotion, fun and boundless imagination they're winning hearts and raising spirits….

Solo 3 track EP  - Hand me down Blues

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Hand Me Down Blues


Two Minds

The essence and creative twist of the traditional American Blues Rock sound is still alive and kicking - at its best here in the UK and that is why the London based band are winners of the Music Members Alliance award for their excellence and service to original unsigned listening music community… You guys rock…’

July 2014: Cross Counties Radio 2

‘Thanks so much for playing The Cows Spring party last night. You were awesome! Really made the night - we'll have to get you guys down again!’

April 2014:

The Cow - Stratford London


jerome batson keyboards/vocals

diego pistelli: bass/vocals

matt reinhardt: guitar/vocals

alessandro: guida drums



Song from Another World

Good Times Humbled

 Solo - piano/vocals


2015 DATES

Hand me down Blues - live


Bad Afternoon (demo)

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JUNE 2015

 Satuday August 1st 7-8pm  (Jerome solo gig)

 SHUFFLE FESTIVAL - Mile End Park Cemetery


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All songs written/performed by Jerome Batson

Satuday August 1st 7-8pm gig   

SHUFFLE FESTIVAL - Mile End Park Cemetery (Jerome solo)


   the dark blue matter